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CDG errors

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Hi! need help from anyone who can...I am currently doing the reverse engineering...i finished the Design Capture of Server Model. Now, I am doing the Design Capture of Forms and encountered the following error:


Form Generator (Windows 98/NT/2000/XP) : Version - Production on Thu Jun 05 10:29:26 2003

Copyright (c) 1995, 2003 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved

Capturing Module

Capture Unsuccessful

CDG-01338 ERROR: Failed to load form K:\AB\AB111.fmb

Design and Application Logic Capture Complete


CDG-01338 - Form Module being processed does not exist

** Which is not true because I choose file system and the form is in the specified directory.

What should i do? And where can we find errors CDG-03.... series?

thank you in advance...

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    • Some suggestion:

      - The Form to be captured uses an Object libary or Reference Form and this one is not in the directory that is included in FORMS60_PATH

      - The Form uses PLL's which are not design captured yet.

      Hope it helps



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